Blue Flower

The S.B.E.T. is committed to the quality of education with zeal of molding the students to meet the challenges of present scientific world. The Head master Sri Ramamurthy is well-known in education field fighting against blind traditions in life. He is awarded the best science teacher award and with a good team of teachers he is dedicated to provide quality education with innovative methods.The trust is providing a modern well out look and well furnished school building to the high school at a shortest time.


Facilities Available

1. A good library

2. Well equipped lab                                                                                                               

3. Computer education                                                                                        

4. Coaching for NISE and NNMS

5. Co-curricular activities

6. Indoor and outdoor games and sports

7. Transport facility

8. SUPW-Arts and Crafts

9. Important training in screen printing and candle making.

10. Cultivating the saving habits through Bank.

11. Individual attention to slow and fast learners.

12. Swimming, Music, Chess & Karate Classes






Rules and Regulation

1. Attending prayer is compulsory

2. Participating in sports and games is must

3. Attending the test and exam is a must

4. Regularity in attending the school

5. Wear the school uniform as directed by the schools

6. Parents are requested to know the progress of their children, either personally or through calls.

7. Progress card is to be signed by the parents alone.

8. Paying a fee is with in the due date is mandatory

9. Fee once paid to the school will not be refunded or transferred

10.The school authorities may direct the changes in rules and regulation it should be followed.